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Theoretically, the only hardware required for DSL connection is a computer with a network card and a DSL modem. However, we strongly recommend putting a router between your DSL modem and your computer (or LAN). This would give you the following benefits:

  • Much better security. Router can perform NAT (network address translation) and protect your computers from outside access.
  • The ability to connect as many home computers as you'd like (not just one) to the Internet. This is especially valuable if your ISP provides you with only one IP address.
  • It will be easier for you to change IPS's or to move your network. All that needs to be done in such a situation is a simple reconfiguraton of the router, while your computer settings can stay the same.
  • The ability to install a web server on your network and configure "www port" (port 80) forwarding on your router. This way, you will be able to host a web site on your DSL line (if this option interests you, be sure to read this article on web hosting with DSL).
  • Router is extremely valuable if you have a PPPoE connection (read more about it below).
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