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First off, let's explain the name. The abbreviation "ISP" stands for "Internet Service Provider". That's a company that provides your Internet connection at home or at work. "Internet Access Provider" is an alternative name for it.

Our site, ISP Menu, was created to help both consumers and business owners better understand technologies that are utilized by Internet service providers, develop a list of requirements and ultimately select the Internet service provider that best matches their goals and budget.

ISP Menu contains a set of short yet informative articles which will answer your questions and provide useful information on such topics as setting up your computer, choosing a modem and comparing broadband technologies. Articles are organized by technology: In addition, you'll find a link to a concise glossary which will help you make sense of Internet lingo and a calculator designed to let you estimate your bandwidth needs.

Armed with all this information, you should be able to make an informed decision on selecting the ISP for your home or business.

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